About Us

Mission Statement:

We provide Pre-Hospital Advanced Life Support to the critically ill or injured citizens of Bryan County.

“We at BCEMS continue to strive to provide higher levels of care and are constantly updating our training to provide state-of-the-art emergency care to our patrons.” – Joe Barrett, BCEMS Director

Bryan County EMS (BCEMS) is based out of Durant, Oklahoma at 306 South 22nd Avenue. We were established January 1, 1980 to serve the communities of Albany, Allison, Armstrong, Blue, Brown, Caddo, Cobb, Durant, Fort Washita, Kenific, Kersey, Mead, Pirtle, Roberta, Sand Point, Silo, Willow Springs, and Utica. Also in our response area is Southeastern Oklahoma State University, Lake Texoma, Lake Durant, and the Blue, Red, and Washita Rivers. BCEMS currently operates four Advanced Life Support (ALS) ambulances 24 hours a day. The remaining areas of Bryan County are covered by Basic Life Support Ambulances of Colbert EMS in Colbert, OK.


Bryan County EMS (BCEMS) was established on January 1, 1980 at the 100 block of South 5th Avenue and Arkansas Street then moved to the old Ice House on Cedar Street and Katy Avenue. It remained here until 1994 when BCEMS moved to 306 south 22nd Avenue (today know as Fort Barrett).

Prior to this date all EMS calls in Bryan County was ran by Hope Ambulance out of Four Seasons Nursing Home 1212 Four Seasons Drive. Hope Ambulance’s pioneering legacy still lives on in BCEMS in a simple form. Until the year 2000, many parts of Bryan County were without 911. If you needed an Ambulance in these areas you had to call 924-4673 which when spelled out, spells 924-HOPE.

Since 1980 BCEMS has grown from 1 ambulance running daily to 4 today. From 1980 to 1998 BCEMS was a Basic Life Support (BLS) service. In 1998 BCEMS added a third ambulance to the rotation and started providing Advance Life Support to our response area. In 2002 BCEMS is starting to move into the Critical Care age. We just finished our first course through The University of Maryland, Baltimore County and are currently up to 5 CCEMT-P’s on the roster, and hopefully more to come.

In 1998 Bryan County EMS and the Durant Fire Department (DFD) teamed up for the first time to offer automatic assignment of Rescue 1 during a call to a motor vehicle collision. Prior to this Rescue was on “as needed” response for local fire departments. As a result of BCEMS and DFD’s commitment to the needs of the people of our community, many other fire departments in Bryan County have begun similar procedures of automatic assignment of the Rescue units. This will establish a two tier EMS response to the citizens of Bryan County. Currently in Bryan County Achille, Calera, Cartwright, Colbert, Durant, Kemp, Roberta, Silo, West Bryan County, and Yuba have Rescue Companies.

In 2003 BCEMS started to be dispatched under the new Bryan County Communication Center (BCCC). BCCC handles all Police, Fire and EMS dispatch and 911 calls for the county. BCEMS is alerted for a call by a unique tone over the radio. Information about the call is given over the radio and by Alpha-Numeric / Voice pagers. In 2004 the Durant and Calera Fire Departments began running Emergency Medical Responder calls with local EMS service. This has provided a quicker access to critical patients in the two fire departments service area. BCEMS is working closely with these departments to provide supplies and training when needed.

Starting April 1 2004 BCEMS will provide 3 ALS trucks, 24 hours a day while operating a 24 on 48 off work schedule. The last 12 hour shift was worked March 31st 2004. On April 1st, BCEMS’s Crew 3 went on duty for the first time as a crew and on a 24 hour shift. Bryan County EMS currently has 18 fulltime employees on three crews. On April 1st 2 new Supervisors were promoted to the rank of Captain and 3 medics to the Rank of Lieutenant as Assistant Supervisors. This reorganization of BCEMS was put in place to better prepare BCEMS for the ever changing environment of emergency services and to help with the expansion of our county and its current rate of growth.

In 2005, BCEMS responded to the growth of Bryan County and the new programs now offered by the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, BCEMS has established a Special Events Team. These teams consist of off Duty personnel, working special events around the county. These events consist of concerts, motocross races, rodeos, The Magnolia Festival, and sporting events both High School and NCAA.

On November 1st 2005 BCEMS moved into the Calera Fire Department Main station. This was done due to the Oklahoma State Department of Health EMS Divisions survey of Bryan County, in an effort to decrease ambulance response time and to provide the closet ambulance to the people. This has increased BCEMS’s response area and divides BCEMS into 2 response districts.

Since November 1st, 2005 more citizens of Bryan County have been with 24 hour ALS coverage. Currently more people in Bryan County are covered with ALS service then in any other time in the history of Bryan County both past and present. To us this is our goal, to offer dependable Advanced Life Support to the most people.

On March 16th, 2009 BCEMS added a 4th ALS Ambulance to it daily staff due to an increase in call volume.

In the Spring of 2017, BCEMS absorbed East Bryan County EMS and we began our coverage of the Bochito and Bennington areas.

On 30 June, 2017 after over 40 years of service to the county, EMS Director, Joe Barrett, retired from BCEMS,  He built an amazing service that will continue to serve the citizens of Bryan County under the leadership of incoming Director, Brian Norton.